Family Matters is a consulting company that offers a unique combination of expertise in the areas of family work, service design thinking and coaching.

Companies can gain competitive advantage when they transform and help their people balance family and work obligations.  We do not offer “one size fits all” solutions, because every company is unique and has different needs.

We believe in co-creation and we develop solutions together with our customers. We work to create solutions that best serve employers and their employees in different situations in life and stages of their career.

Family Matters’ MISSION is to make family friendliness more visible in companies and in society, to support business growth, and to improve the wellbeing of employees and families.


Our Services

Consultation and tools for organizations to improve family friendliness

Workshops and groups for successful family + work balance

Individual parenting support

Our services can include for example evaluation of the current state of the organization`s family friendliness, support and monitoring for maintaining new family-friendly practises and strategies as well as various infos, workshops and groups for the company’s staff, HR and management /supervisors.

We also provide individual parenting support for private customers.